Our 4th Annual KW Red Day

At Keller Williams, RED Day is an expression of our core belief in the power of people working together to make a real difference. Standing for Renew, Energize, and Donate, RED Day sees our associates across the globe putting aside their real estate work to volunteer in our communities. It's a day that goes beyond simple acts of service; it's about embedding a sense of responsibility and care in the heart of our corporate culture. Each project, whether it’s fixing up senior homes, planting trees, or helping clean up our local beaches, is pursued with enthusiasm and a deep commitment to supporting our communities with a spirit of generosity and kindness.

Red Day 2024 at Children's Home Imeldahof

On the 10th of May, it was finally time for KW Aruba's 4th Annual Red Day! Every year thousands of agents, leadership and staff, in KW market centers around the world, join hands to give back to the community where they live and work. This year KW Aruba chose to give back to Children's Home Imeldahof. 

A Fun Day Out 

To give the kids of Imeldahof an incredible Red Day we arranged tons of fun activities for them. We also invited the kids from Micky's Foundation and The Orthopedic Centre to join in on the fun. First up was a bus ride to Philip's Animal Garden, where they got up close and personal with all sorts of furry and feathered friends and even got to feed them! After the animal adventure, the buss was off to Casa Tua at the Renaissance marketplace for pizzas and icy-cold drinks. And just when they thought the excitement couldn't get any better, we topped it all off with a trip to the movies to catch the hilarious antics of Garfield. Talk about a day to remember!

Hard Work Back at Imeldahof

While the kids were soaking up every moment of their fun day out, our KW Team was going full out back at Imeldahof! It was a whirlwind of activity as we transformed every corner into a place of fun and excitement. Out on the playground, our team worked their magic, giving the basketball field a much needed makeover with fresh paint and brand-new hoops. But that's not all, we repainted the soccer goals and decked them out with brand new nets while a whole new softball kit was waiting to be unveiled to the kids.

Meanwhile, inside the game room, the transformation was in full swing. We painted the walls a vibrant shade of blue, turning it into a hub of entertainment. The space also received new items, from tables and chairs to a foosball table, and ping-pong setup. But we didn't stop there! Our team gave Cas Marijke and Cas Irene a mini refresh by installing new curtains, adding some tropical rugs, fluffy pillows, and new bedsheets. And let's not forget the kitchen – stocked with new cookware. Plus, we couldn't resist adding a ton of new toys to keep the excitement alive in every room.

A Party to End the Day

As the clock hit 4PM, the excitement could be felt as we prepared to unveil the new game room to the kids. There we had another surprise in store that would leave a lasting mark – literally! Every kid was invited to leave their mark on the walls with vibrant handprints, creating a collage of color that would forever symbolize their presence. And as if that wasn't enough, they were each bestowed with a special present to cherish!

And just when you thought the day couldn't get any better, we invited everyone to The Little One's photo booth for some unforgettable snapshots.